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Arrested for a DUI / DWI? (Find Austin, Texas DWI Law Info)

Austin DWI Arrests

There are many types of offense all over the United States which are usually connected to the different drivers who operate or drive a vehicle while they are impaired or affected by the effects of either alcohol or drugs. Certain offenses include driving under the influence (DUI), operating under the influence (OUI), driving while intoxicated (DWI), as well as operating a motor vehicle intoxicated (OMVI).

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is said to be the offense which is involved in operating a motor vehicle while you are in a mentally or even physically impaired condition. This is usually involved in the consumption of alcohol and sometimes drugs which results to the increase in the blood alcohol levels which are said to be above the statutory limit, furthermore, penalties for such offense actually vary from one state to another. In the United States, there have been over 1.4 million cases of drivers who have been arrested due to DWI.

In Austin, Texas, the number of Austin DWI lawyers has been increasing due to the fact that DWI cases also continue to increase every year. Texas is said to be divided into two types of counties, the dry and the wet; the wet counties are the areas known to be the ones who sell alcohol; but in the recent statistics performed by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) as well as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), it actually showed that there were only 445 DWI arrests per 100,000 residents in the wet areas compared to the 502 DWI arrests in the dry counties.

Furthermore, according to the same statistics, traffic fatality rates were almost 50% lesser in the wet areas (2.7) compared to the rate in the dry counties (5.7). Also, Austin, Texas DWI cases alone show that there have been 306 children from ages 0-14 years old who were reported to be killed during accidents involving drunk driving and 153 of the said accidents showed that the driver had a BAC which resulted to more than 0.08; as for traffic accident fatalities, there have been 32 percent incidents connected to alcohol intoxication.

Due to the increasing number of Austin DWI arrests, people who are involved usually seek for legal counsel from the different Austin DWI attorneys who are available in the area, since in the laws covering Texas, in order for you to keep your license, you should request for a hearing within the first 15 days from the date of your arrest. Fees of the said Austin DWI attorneys vary according to the capacity of the different law firms as well as depending on the extent of your case. Some even offer free consultations, especially during the first consultation. The following are only some of available Austin DWI lawyers in Austin, Texas.

Ken Gibson, Attorney at law
Address: 700 Lavaca, Suite 1010, Austin, Texas 78701

Jamie Spencer, Attorney at Law
Address: 812 San Antonio Street, Suite 403, Austin, Texas 78701

Dunham Law Firm, P.C.
Address: 1800 Guadalupe Street, Austin, Texas 78701

Segura Law Firm
Address: 707 West 14th Street, Austin, Texas 78701

Orr and Olavson
Address: 804 Rio Grande Street, Austin, Texas 78701

In cases wherein you do not win a case due to the fact that the court was able to prove that you had a positive alcohol breath test with a result of 0.06 up to 0.08 and you had undergone the different field sobriety tests and the results were very remarkable and your Austin DWI defense fails; you can be charged with fees ranging from $1,000.00 up to $2,000.00 per year for up to three years for a suspended license. Furthermore, you can also be charged up to $6,000.00 for you to be able to keep your license. Also, you can be required to undergo Austin DWI classes before your license will be returned.

An Austin DWI class is said to be a requirement in the state of Texas for any person who is convicted of a first offense DWI. Classes can also be used with a purpose of obtaining your suspended driverís license. The courses usually focus on the following: The different laws in Texas regarding DWI, Drugs, alcohol, and the human body, Effects of drugs and alcohol on a personís driving skills, and Dependency. For more information on the different classes you can get your hands on, you can visit here; you can also call (512) 786-3673.

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Just last September 10, 2009, there was again a case of 27 people who were arrested due to DWI just on the eve of the Labor Day weekend.

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